1. For four generations, our family has been making unique hand-crafted carpets, which we’ve successfully exported across the world.
  2. We don’t just sell anything – we make our own bespoke carpets still using some of the techniques that were invented 200 years ago.
  3. Because we’ve got such a long history, we’ve had the opportunity to perfect techniques and become experts in our field.
  4. Our family opened shops in Europe in the 1950s, Later stores opened in Saudi Arabia and the States after the 1970s and to this day – decades later – Some of these same stores still remains.
  5. We sell what we know best, and we do what we do best. This is the secret to our success.
  6. About half of what we sell is made by us, while the rest – our contemporary range – is manufactured to high standards in Turkey and India.

Our Story


We now have stores across the world and retain clients that know and trust our work – including prominent hotel chains, renowned department stores, retail stores and professional interior design studios. We are now taking our experience and history and moving confidently towards the future.


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Tel.: +971 4 3686002 / +971 4 2219800 , Fax.: +971 4 3686001